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From: Simon Carter
Subject: Felipe ReturnsThis is a follow-up story to Felipe posted on July 9th, 2009.
100% fiction.
Enjoy!Felipe ReturnsThe next day Felipe knocked on Jimmy's door. Aaron answered. Hey Felip
what's up. Felipe looked around the house secretly looking for Jimmy.
What's up. Oh nothing, I just came to see what you're doing. Ah nothing,
you want suck me off. Yeah said Felipe enthusiatically. Alright let's go to
my room. The two boys entered the room, Aaron turned to lock the door.
Aaron undid the button to his shorts and pulled his zipper down letting his
shorts fall to the floor. Aaron sat on the edge of the bed pulling his
knees up, he slipped off his boxers and laid back on the bed. Felipe sat
next to Aaron. Aaron fondled his cock getting it semi hard. Why do you like
sucking dick so much Felipe. I don't know, I just do. Who was your first
suck. My brother and his friend. Yeah, how old were you. Eight. How old was
your brother and his friend. Thirteen, ever since then I like sucking, I
guess. Aaron put his hands behind his head. Suck me. Aaron's straight as a
pole cut cock was standing up at attention. Felipe leaned over and licked
the almost five inch fat cock from his balls to the tip of Aaron's
perfectly cut cock. Something Aaron had requested every time he got sucked.
Felipe eyed the shiny drop of lube forming on the cock before him. He
leaned in forming a small circle with his lips gently and softly sucking in
the bead of lube. Oh Felipe, how do you that. Felipe chuckled with the cock
in his mouth, only momentarily before moving his lips down to the promising
pubes. Aaron moaned in pleasure from the intense feeling. Suck it! Felipe
sucked the hardened cock in his mouth. Aaron with oohs and aahs escaping
his mouth. Felipe then remembered something that Jimmy asked him to do. He
took his mouth off of Aaron's cock. What are you doing. Felipe didn't
answer, but lifted Aaron's balls and began licking him there, something he
had never done before with him. Aaron cooed and responded by gyrating his
hips on Felipe's tongue. Felipe letting his tongue explore, told Aaron to
pull his knees back exposing his boy balls and asshole. Felipe licked and
lapped the delightful shithole, using both his lips to eat out the
delightful shit shoot. Aaron was drunk loli pussy pics in total ecstacy. Oh Felipe don't stop.
Aaron opening his love tunnel up as much as he could to let in the inviting
tongue. Aaron basking in the new found pleasure didn't notice Felipe had
dropped free asian lolita vids his pants and undies in one swift move and had inched up with his
skinny four inch boner, bringing the tip to Aaron's butthole and with no
warning stuck it in to the hilt. Aaron reacted to the intrusion only
momentarily and like a seasoned whore pre teen lolita asked Felipe go for it. Felipe pulled
back pulling his foreskin back over his cock, the obscene head of his shiny
cock only protruding slightly. Push it back in Felipe. Felipe aligned his
dick to the glistening hole and watched it disappear as he pushed in the
whole of his four inches and with no more direction started a slow and
steady fuck. Felipe enjoying the feeling of Aaron's warms ass wrapped
around his cock and for the first time in his young life experienced an
orgasm. He wasn't sure, he just knew it felt good, a feeling coming over
him like he had been drugged, a sensation in his stomach. A tiredness. He
laid back on the bed and rode through his orgasm. Aaron took hold of his
cock and with just a few pumps oozed out a small load of cum, experiencing
the best cum of his young life. He inched up face to face with Felipe and
gently biting his lower lip.The End.Comments:
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